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Sounds like Eddie wrote this song for me…


Glitch City
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How apt.


Glitch City

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How apt.

Thus concludes tonight’s session of “horrible poetry from high school that still has some meaning for my life today.” I hope all 4 of my followers have enjoyed this ridiculousness.


Whatever happens in the past

although may not be pretty

Will always and forever last

and make us who we are to be.

If we choose but to forget

and memories to miss,

The future we decide to let

fall away and lose the bliss.

We possibly could have our own,

to live and love and cherish;

All we need to do: condone

happiness to never perish.

- Anthony Raborn


It’s your knife lodged in my chest.
Every day it is dug deeper, twisted farther,
bringing me closer and closer to my knees.

Slowly my energy and will are fading,
slowly I am losing feeling…
…losing my sanity.

Unable to understand this situation,
unable to answer “why”,
unable to let go.

This pain…
…where does it come from?
Certainly not from how I feel for you…

…how did it start?
Don’t tell me our laughter
started it all…

…what is its purpose?
Not to drive a wedge between us…

…I’m sorry, but it’s my nature
to question, to wonder…
…is this the cause of it all?

Should I have let it all be from the beginning,
should I have stayed
the same as I always was?

Even now, with the belief that curiosity is killing me,
I can’t stop the questions…
…and I can’t find the answers.

Even with my bleeding heart,
I can’t give up hope…
…Or give up you…

- Anthony Raborn


In my hands, I grasp a piece,
A little hint of sweet release.
I’m holding on, I can’t let go,
Lest I freeze while in this snow.
Darkness comes; as it surrounds me
I scream aloud, and try to break free.
My legs and arms are broken down,
To this spot I am but bound.
I lift my hand, look at the sky,
Raise a fist while asking, “Why?”
The more I try to hold on to
The only warmth that can get through
The more it seems to slip away
And leave my broken heart here, frayed.

I turn into my depth of mind,
Look around and hope to find
A solution to this trouble here
That would lead me into my dear,
But all the options I can see
Do not bode well for her or me;
If I try too hard to hold
What I’ve worked for will unfold;
If I do nothing at all,
It will just fall.

So what am I to do? It seems
That I can’t even win in dreams.
The longer this pain sits inside,
The more it seems that I have lied
To myself and to everyone
Who trust in everything I’ve done.
The light that had so brightly gleamed
No longer has so strong a beam;
Yet it still illuminates
These hardened walls and iron gates.
So although this pain is great,
“I give up” I just can’t state.
The only wish I have, my friend:
To be with you in the end.

- Anthony Raborn

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